“Be honest, truthful, and altruistic. If you concern yourself with taking care of others, there’ll be no room for lies… If you’re truthful you can live transparently, which will enable you to establish trust, the basis for making friends.

-dalai lama

We strive to be transparent on all aspects of our patients’ treatment. While no dental treatment is “one size fits all”, we have allocated some of the most common procedures and fees at our office so you can prepare ahead of time.

As a reminder, we do offer our Member’s Plan to patients without insurance and also work with CareCredit to get you qualified for a payment plan.

Procedure FeeMember Fee
Adult Prophylaxis (Cleaning)$1302 included
Periodontal Maintenance$1602 included
Emergency Exam$80included
Periodic Exam$64included
Comprehensive Exam$160included
Check-up X-rays (4 Bitewings)$80included
Tooth-colored Filling (starting at)$268$214
Ceramic Crown (starting at)$1493$1195
Surgical Extraction $401$321
Bone Graft for Ridge Preservation$588$470
Surgical Implant Placement*$2140$1712
Implant-Supported Abutment* $535$428
Abutment-Supported Crown*$1766$1413
Prices are subject to change and all treatment depends on diagnosis by a qualified provider. New patients are required to have an exam in conjunction with treatment.
* Indicates procedures necessary for implants. Some implants may require other procedures in addition to these, including but not limited to, CT imaging, surgical guide fabrication, and temporary prosthetics.